Friday, September 17, 2004

From the Pastor's Weekly Briefing

From H.B. London:

A majority of Protestant clergy in this country feel strongly that salvation comes only through Jesus Christ (88%), and that Christians have a responsibility to try to convert active members of non-Christian faith groups to Christianity (82%), according to a just-released study reported in Facts & Trends magazine. However, a majority is also willing to partner with non-Christian faith groups to accomplish something good for the community, and call for more interfaith cooperation for the good of society.

Among denominations, every Pentecostal/charismatic minister in the study agreed strongly that Jesus Christ is the only path to salvation. Southern Baptist ministers (98%) and other Baptist ministers -- American Baptist, National Baptist, etc. -- (96%) also agreed strongly. Lutherans (77%) and Methodists (65%) were less likely to strongly agree.For the complete data from this study, including all the questions asked and the denominational detail, visit

Fine study. Now - here's the quick quiz...

Which of these denominational/traditional breakdowns are growing the fastest?

Answer: Pentecostal/charismatic. Next: Southern Baptists.

Which of these denominational/traditional breakdowns are not growing?

Answer: Lutherans. Methodists.

Evangelistic insight: stick with the Bible. In it, there is growth. With Jesus, the Church is on the march.


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