Thursday, October 05, 2006

Forgetting this characteristic of Jesus?

This is from Michael Duduit on the website.
In a Preaching magazine interview, Ed Young, Sr. talked about how he does apologetic preaching in conjunction with "marketplace ministries" at Houston's Second Baptist Church, one of the nation's largest congregations.

He notes: "We've forgotten several things about the characteristics of Jesus. Get in an average church and ask, ‘Name all the characteristics of Jesus.' They'll say he was lovely, he was kind. One thing they'll often forget is he was a friend of sinners. We've forgotten that – how to be a friend to sinners.

"If you minister to people where they hurt, you don't have to worry about a chance to introduce them to Christ; they're going to ask you about coming to know Christ," Young said. "They'll want to go to church with you. But you can't befriend them in some superficial way and ‘hang a scalp' on your wall. So I think the church needs to be there to minister, to love and nurture, and when people come in they find what the world's looking for – life!"



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