Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What does evangelical leadership in America lack?

A student just asked that a few minutes ago in class. I quickly made a list of five things. Does this get it or am I missing something really big?

1. Lack of missional passion (both personally and corporately). Outward bound passion is huge...and pastors need to lead the way out the door.

2. Lack of a serious devotional life. E. Stanley Jones said the greatest lack in the American church is lack of a prayer life.

3. Lack of holy character...Christlikeness. All too often we are made in the image of the world.

4. Lack of persistence. We take a church, do a good job and try to land the next best thing for - always! - more money, more people, better community. What happened to the missionaries who would pack their belongings in the pine boxed casket never to return to the land of their ancestors?

5. Lack of adaptability. We get calcified in our modus operandi. To allow God to transform us all our lives is key to success in ministry.



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