Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sex and the Evangelical Teen - good grief!

From Gene Edward Veith over at World. We are the world! We are the children!

Christian parents and churches need to face up to a problem long hidden in the dark: Evangelical teenagers are just as sexually active as their non-Christian friends.

In fact, there is evidence that evangelical teenagers on the whole may be more sexually immoral than non-Christians. Statistically, evangelical teens tend to have sex first at a younger age, 16.3, compared to liberal Protestants, who tend to lose their virginity at 16.7. And young evangelicals are far more likely to have had three or more sexual partners (13.7 percent) than non-evangelicals (8.9 percent).

What about abstinence pledges? Those work—for a while—delaying sex on an average of about 18 months, with 88 percent of pledgers eventually giving up their vow to remain virgins until marriage.

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At 5:48 PM, Blogger Robert Easter said...

Now if the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and sexual license is the very picture of foolishness and of the very root the sin problem, then it could just be that the "Doctrine of the Nicolaitans" that Jesus (predicted and?) hates so badly (See Rev. 2 & 3) is the whole idea that sin really doesn't matter! Now if there were churches teaching that God can't see us sin, or that any sins we commit are already forgiven beforehand, then that might be a problem- kind of embarrassing to the Gospel if that was the kind of fruit growing on the Vine... (John 15: 1-8)


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