Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bethany Christian Adoption Services

OK - Bethany sort of blew it. They told a Catholic couple that they didn't work with Catholics.

But - Bethany has a statement of faith and they shouldn't have to fold it up. And an ardent Catholic called the radio show the other day and I asked him whether he could agree with that statement and he said "Pretty much." Pretty much?

Does a strong Catholic want a Pentecostal raising his kid? Probably not. Is that OK? Yes. Does a Southern Baptist want someone who lives and dies by the Eucharist, Mother Mary and the Pope raising her child. No. Is that OK? Yes.

This morning's Letters to the Editor to the Jackson Clarion-Ledger were beyond the pale - saying that Bethany was like the KKK. C'mon.

But this is the environment in which we live. If it smacks of religious right, get ready for the smack-down. Read the letters to the editor. Yeesh.

Know that we are all God's children
Bethany shouldn't exclude Catholics
Don't exclude due to religious beliefs
Bethany should change its policy
'C-L' spotlights bigotry, prejudice
Many Catholics warm, loving parents
Cut 'Choose Life' funding for Bethany
Do many of the KKK's ideals live on?
Bethany Christian Services adoption rules not 'Christlike'


At 10:00 AM, Blogger Steve S. said...

This brings up a big issue doesn't it? There are differences between baptists, catholics, pentacostals, methodists, etc.
But the issue is what are the differences and what is their impact on the gospel?
For instance, the Mormons claim the same bible that Christians use and add the book of mormon, yet few Christians would have a problem with them being excluded by an adoption agency because they are not viewed as Christian. Christians would agree their doctrine is widely contradictory of the scriptural gospel.
My point is this. Instead of condemning the adoption agency for their stance that catholic doctrine excludes them from consideration, perhaps it would be more constructive to consider catholic docrtine in light of Scripture to determine if there is any merit in their assertion. If Scripture is the only guide the outcome may be surprising.


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