Friday, July 01, 2005

Matt's latest AgapePress column

What if they muddying of the waters is the fault of (gasp) the Church? What if the Supreme Court and the constitutional scholars and the various levels of government and the business community and law enforcement and the educational establishment and the arts community and ... well, every institution, culture and people group that make up a collective "culture" ... lack moral clarity because of an anemic, inward-bound, self-aggrandizing Church that is confused about the verity of its Scripture, the tenets of its faith, the purpose of its existence, the priestly service it is called to exercise and the impact it is to have on contemporary life?

If Murchison is right and the culture is to blame, then who is at fault for the culture?

A Church that wants the Ten Commandments freely displayed on public grounds should perhaps also be a Church that has those imperatives written across her heart and memory and, more to the point, her practice.

My hunch? Not ten percent of those who think the Ten Commandments belong in the public square could name all ten. Could we be contending for something we do not know and which we hardly apply? More


At 3:16 PM, Blogger Dennis said...

I agree that the Church, the very body of Christ, has been divided in the message it has sent the world. But, let's not forget that the church is also contending with an angelic being that has thousands of years more experience at culturing alies by tempting the flesh than any man alive in the Church today. And before you respond with Christ's line, "Be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world," remember that he said that in this world we would have tribulation and that the poor would always be with us. Following Christ is a personal decision that God granted everyone the free will to accept or reject. There will always be those who will reject the message. How few accepted the Living Word when He was here among us exercising the full power of the Holy Spirit. I will not give the world the satisfaction of again pointing their finger at someone else and not taking responsibility. A time is coming when all excuses will fail and the gates of heaven and hell will swing open to those who have made their decision.

At 12:06 PM, Anonymous JBryan said...

"What if they muddying of the waters is the fault of (gasp) the Church?"

This is one of the main reasons I joined the Mormon Church when I was 18. Christianity is, as Adam taught in the Mormon Temple Ceremony, "a mass of confusion".

Let's take The Ten Commandments as an example. If Jesus came to fulfill the Law, if old things are done away in him...then why this mad rush to post the Ten Commandments (the law) everywhere? WHY NOT POST THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT?

So again, why does the modern Christian Church have such a fetish over the Ten Commandments? Because it's the hip, trendy thing to do. Like the WWJD braclets of the 1990s, Evangelicals have found the a new hobby horse to ride.

Thank the gods I'm an agnostic now!


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