Monday, December 05, 2005

Walk the line

I went to see the Johnny Cash biopic "Walk the Line." I wasn't as thrilled as it seems most of the critics are. Wished they had covered his climb back to the Christian faith. They, for the most part, decided not to go there.

Here's an article to that effect. And another.

Growing up in Arkansas, Cash professed a belief in Christ at age 12. But as Christianity Today magazine wrote after his death in 2003, Cash lost sight of him in a haze of addiction, family problems and failing health. He described sex and drugs as demons and once said, "All of a sudden there'll be a beautiful little Percodan laying there, and you'll want it."

Years before he died at 71, Cash had found Christ and his June. Together, they gave him strength to turn his back on the devil. He was the same melancholy man whose hurts made him a poet. But he was older now, wiser, with an unmistakable contentment you could hear in that baritone.


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