Friday, September 09, 2005

Jesus still stands!

The New Orleans Times-Picayune blog reports that some are claiming "divine intervention" in the fact that amid total devastation around St. Louis Cathedral, a statue of Jesus remains standing after the storm. The only things missing from the statue are the left thumb and index finger, which area residents are working together to save. Hat tip: BeliefNet


At 6:23 PM, Blogger Servants of the Living God said...

Please forgive me, I ask that right up front because I am sure I am going to step on a toe or two.
It may seem cool that a model cast of someones imagination of what Jesus looks like, was saved from destruction, and then call it divine intervention but--- what does it benefit God to save a piece of man's art?
I disagree, there is nothing that testifies to the truth of Jesus Christ in any statue rescue. God didn't send His Only Begotten Son to die on the cross to set the statues free.
No, Divine Intervention is all those people still breathing in the astrodome, or some strangers home, and everywhere in between. They were saved, rescued by God's Divine WILL that said they would live. And He has a divine purpose for every single one of them still living so watch them folks, God has a special hand and a speical plan.
How about the dead, wasn't that also in God's Hands. Yes, so none of them died in vain, it was by the Soverign plan and Will of God.
That is Divine intervention from the Creator, Maker of all things
That those still breathing have a chance to recognize that Creator is very vivid in thier lives. He has made a great shift for many and all for the GOOD. There are many who have not choose God, as thier God, and recognized Him as their Creator, and also Savior, that had they persished in the flood would have no more opportunity to claim the free gift of grace. They now can do that. Pray someone gives these people the truth. God loved them so much, He rescued them from destruction, not statues. He did not save that statue in any divine attempt to show his Power and majesty. He saved people.
Thank You


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