Friday, September 09, 2005

Listener comment on radio program

On the radio program I do (talk show) I asked for callers to ring us up and tell us their stories of encouragement and challenge. A lady was headed out of state from Waveland (probably the hardest hit of the communities on the Mississippi coast).

She said that after she saw what Katrina had done to her house (gone, totally) and her cars (smashed, completely) and her life (changed, absolutely) she said she tried to find a place to rest and could only locate a cardboard box. She flattened it out and laid on it, looked up at the stars in the sky and thanked Jesus.
I thanked Him for our life in Waveland, for the chance we had to live in our home, for the friends and family we had. I thanked Him for all that He had given us and the time we had to enjoy it. I just...thanked Him.

She, like so many others we have heard from on the coast, has that kind of "can-do" "Thank the Lord" "We are down but not out" attitude.

This woman's life is changed forever. She is looking forward to forever. Faithfulness


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