Friday, July 14, 2006

Franklin Graham on North Korea

Interesting perspectives:
"North Korea is the most dangerous place on the face of the earth right now. You've got a country that I feel is kind of backed up against a wall. I like to hunt, and I know if you ever back a dangerous animal up against a wall and don't give that animal a place to turn or to run, you've cornered him, he's going to come at you. And I just have a sense that with North Korea we may be kind of at that point with these people. We have to treat this very, very carefully. You don't want to get into a shooting war with these people. These are not like the Iraqis that are going to cut and run - where the army will just kind of fold in front of the American advance. These are people that will come at you wave upon wave. And millions of people could be killed - not hundreds, not thousands, but millions."

· I believe that the United States needs to talk one on one with the North Koreans, eyeball to eyeball. We have had our armies facing each other now for over 50-some years. It's time that we talked to them face to face, and we got to find a way to resolve this. Now, the six-party talks - I don't believe these are going to be successful. They haven't been successful up to this point . . . So, if we're going to find a way to solve this thing, I think the United States of America is going to have to talk face to face with the North Koreans. Doesn't matter if we like them. We don't have to agree with them, but we need to talk to them face to face.

· I don't speak for the evangelical community. I'm not a spokesperson for them. I 'm just a preacher of the Gospel who happens to have gone to North Korea, that happens to have worked in North Korea, and has seen some of the problems firsthand in North Korea, who believes the only way we can resolve this is through prayer with God's help, and then talking with the North Koreans face to face. I think that's extremely important. We need a dialogue, period. Without that dialogue, this policy is just going to stay drifting in this diplomatic sea . . . I would love to see President Bush just drop what he's doing someday and just get on a plane and go there and sit down and talk to Kim Jong-Il face to face, and shake hands, and invite him to come to this country, and let him get on a train and go from San Francisco to New York, and let him see it from one end to the other. I think it would change his perspective of us.


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