Thursday, August 10, 2006

Faith - for 100

Makes sense to me.
BOSTON - Faith and spirituality were cited most often by people over the age of 100 as the source of their longevity, according to a survey sponsored by a unit of UnitedHealth Group.

In a survey of 100 people between the ages of 100 and 104, 23 percent said faith rather than genes and good medical care were responsible for their long life.

Other factors given included hard work, a healthy diet and ”living a good, clean life.”

Even better news is the traditional view adds abundance to your life - today!

And for the counter perspective from Brother Kierkegaard: "Christianity has been made so completely devoid of character that there is really nothing to persecute. The chief trouble with Christians, therefore, is that no one wants to kill them anymore!" (Provocations)


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