Monday, October 09, 2006

Hey Republicans...quit whining!

Republicans this week are bemoaning the fact that the media, and none too few soccer moms, are holding the entire party accountable for the under-a-cloud resignation of Rep. Mark Foley, a congressman found to be a bit too intimate with minor-aged pages.

The GOP feigns shock. Afterall, if the media is so relentlessly in pursuit of this the month before the November elections shouldn’t they at least try to put the Foley scandal in perspective with the Democratic Reps. Barney Franks, Gary Studds, Gary Condit and President Bill Clinton scandals of yesteryear. The rabid liberal media didn’t seem nearly so interested in accountability then as they seem to be now with Foley and the GOP.

The real lesson in all this – get over it. Get over it Republicans, cultural conservatives and those pleased to be dubbed the religious right. If your favorite political party has a supposed moral core that wants to advertise on issues like, for instance, what constitutes a family, the Judeo-Christian value system and the protection of life at its earliest conception - then don’t be surprised that you might be judged by a higher standard by those to whom you are selling your vision of the world.

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount taught us that “with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” In other words, high moral principles mean a higher standard of accountability for yourself. So, when one of your political party falls in sexual disgrace, then don’t be surprised if a liberal secular media jumps all over it with glee and then gladly pounds your chances for majority power in Congress to a pulp weeks before an election.

I, for one, thinks it is important to set a high standard and then live up to that standard with firmness, humility and kindness. And when that standard is not met by our team, we should own up to our failing, take appropriate action and let the political or public perception fallout drop where they may. What we shouldn’t do is whine about how unfair it is that no one likes us now because we a) didn’t nip this problem in the bud when we could have and b) by golly, why can’t people remember names like Frank, Studds, Condit and Clinton when we need them to?

Two answers to that last question. The Democrats and the media have no such high standards and the Republicans have advertised that they do.

Quit whining, clean up your House and face the future in a state of renewed focus. That the Republican House didn’t think this a good strategy a year ago, what we might really be talking about here is a well-deserved minority focus.



At 4:55 PM, Blogger aedney said...

Pathetic. It does not matter if the coverage of previous scandals was as intense or whether it was planned, but if it is true. To consider anything else is to be swept up into politics. Of course the opposing party is going to use it for political gain. Both of them do that well. I am just amazed how the number of Christians that are excusing this thing away based on the "liberal" media or what the other party has done in the past. Is that what accountability has devolved to these days? Actually, I think it is just more representative of how everyone is consumed with keeping their party in power. Even Christians seem to be caught up in making excuses for things they should not. I have heard the Foley incident excused away as "friendly", a "prank" and other pathetic excuses. This has nothing to do with Democrat or Republican, but right and wrong.

At 8:01 PM, Blogger Thinking in Ohio said...

Couldn't agree more with the above comment. Republicans do need to clean house beginning with their Speaker, should it be proven he had ANY prior knowledge about these events yet did nothing to deal with them.

At 7:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

House leadership had a great deal of knowledge of Foley's inappropriate behavior, which accounts for the ridiculous defenses and attacks from conservative quarters, to avoid that fact. This is 1st I've seen from a conservative Christian which cites the appropriate part of the Gospels as well as suggesting Republicans don't deserve to keep power. Good column.

At 11:15 AM, Anonymous Patricia Hedges, True Christian and a Democrat said...

Your Quote 'Rep. Mark Foley, a congressman found to be a bit too intimate with minor-aged pages'.

If Mark Foley had been a Democrat your Quote would have been 'Mark Foley, a congressman will burn in hell for the scandoulous things he has done to young boys.

Mr. Friedeman, you are a small minded person and not a good representative of christianity. I am so glad I get my faith from Jesus and not from fakes like you.


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