Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Anne Rice - her spiritual odyssey

"To The Source" has a great piece on horror queen Anne Rice. She has journeyed back to Christ, as some of you already know. But this piece is outstanding on that journey.
Rice began writing novels that reflected her “guilt and misery in being cut off from God and from salvation; my being lost in a world without light.” Her research for her writing took her back through history. She confesses that she was obsessed with finding meaning in a world without God. As any historian knows, this journey leads to the undeniable fact that Christianity had the seminal influence on our lives today. How did this happen? She wondered what caused the fall of Rome, and what is in the very character of the Christian faith that enabled it to pick up the pieces? And even more perplexing, how have the persecuted Jewish people, the people of the Book, not only sustained themselves, but remained the great people they are.

These remarkable people of faith from our past, both Christians and Jews, along with friends in New Orleans who were churchgoers and believers, coaxed Rice back to God. It was a journey of the mind as much as a journey of the heart.



At 12:34 AM, Blogger Nicholas said...

I can't believe no one has commented on this! I have een a fan of Rice's for many years and was thrilled to hear of her conversion. (?) I had suspected something was happening since the end of the book Memnoch the Devil. I was glad to see my suspicions were true.
I am half-way through Christ The Lord and it is good although I think trying to keep herself in the character of an eight year old boy limits her brilliance a bit. Still I anxiously await what is to come. God is good.



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