Thursday, October 04, 2007

Perspectives on various faiths

From the Pastor's Weekly Briefing (H.B. London)

Most Americans will say they know little or nothing about the practices of Islam and Mormonism even though they both have gained increasing national visibility in recent years.

A new national survey by the Pew Research Center reveals the ways that Americans view these faiths and their followers. Forty-one percent say they know a great deal about the Muslim religion with 58 percent saying they do not know very much or next to nothing. Forty-nine percent say they know a great deal about Mormonism with 51 percent saying they don't know very much about this religion.

The following percentages show how the 3,002 adults polled viewed different religious groups:

  • Jews: 76 percent favorable; nine percent unfavorable; with 15 percent having no opinion.
  • Catholics: 76 percent favorable; 14 percent unfavorable; with 10 percent having no opinion.
  • Evangelical Christians: 60 percent favorable; 19 percent unfavorable; with 21 percent having no opinion.
  • Mormons: 53 percent favorable; 27 percent unfavorable; with 20 percent having no opinion.
  • Muslim Americans: 53 percent favorable; 29 percent unfavorable; with 18 percent having no opinion.
  • Muslims: 43 percent favorable; 35 percent unfavorable; with 22 percent having no opinion.
  • Atheists: 35 percent favorable; 53 percent unfavorable; with 12 percent having no opinion.

Most Americans believe that their own religion has little in common with either Islam or Mormonism. Sixty-two percent say the Mormon religion is very different from their own, while 70 percent say Islam is very different.

The most frequently used negative word to describe Islam was "fanatic," with "radical" and "terror" often mentioned. The most positive word was "devout." For Mormonism, the most commonly used negative word used to describe it was "polygamy," even though they banned polygamy almost a century ago. The most positive word was "family."

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At 9:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly, although Muslims are "devout" they continue to worship a false god, one that does not exist, or is a demon from hell.

May the Lord Jesus Christ open their hearts to His Truth in order to save their souls from everlasting damnation, the total and eternal separation from the One and Only True, Living God.

God Servant at:

At 7:22 AM, Blogger Amin said...

Is Allah the God of the Bible?


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