Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Spiritual warfare and the mission field

Just attended a forum today where eight current and former missionaries were asked, among other things, about spiritual warfare. This is what they said:

1. Spiritual warfare starts with your own spiritual life. If it is vital, you will be impactful. If it is not, watch out.

2. The weapons of spiritual warfare are daily prayer and Bible study ("which allows you to continue in the fight and keep your joy"), fasting is integral, sabbath-keeping and local church involvement (participation and accountability and community-friendships).

3. Much of the world thinks more holistically than Americans. Address the spiritual problem head-on ("or they will go to a witch doctor or whatever to get those needs met) but don't neglect that the spiritual, physical, intellectual run together for many peoples of the world.

4. Many cultures are very "spiritual." Pay attention to the people you've been sent to so they can teach you about spiritual warfare.

5. Don't get over-focused on evil. To do so gets you into all kinds of strange thinking and doctrine. We are a faith of love (God and neighbor).

6. Pull on the same end of the ministry rope as your family...not against them. Keep your family spiritually and emotionally happy. Take time for your marriage.

7. People may try to put you on a pedestal. Don't let them.



At 11:20 PM, Blogger Loren said...

Good comments and advice. As much as anything, this is a very good list of how to pray for missionaries (and pastors). Far too often one or more of these points is neglected, or the missionary has not been counseled of its importance. That shouldn't be so surprising when you remember that we have an enemy trying to discredit, discourage, and distract us from advancing God's kingdom.


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