Monday, April 25, 2005

Baptist Says 'False Gospel' Leaves Multitudes 'Sealed in Unbelief'

Once saved, always saved...maybe?
Multitudes have been misled or given a false assurance of a salvation they never had by ministers preaching the wrong gospel, author and speaker Voddie Baucham said April 14 at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

These ministers strip the Gospel of sin and repentance, depicting instead a "warm, fuzzy" Jesus that is foreign to scripture, said Bauchman, an adjunct professor at Union University in Jackson, Tenn., and a D.Min. graduate of Southeastern.

Baucham, who preached from I Corinthians 15 at the Wake Forest, N.C., campus, said false representations of the Gospel seek to manipulate people, often with humor, rather than call them to repentance and faith in Christ.

"You can make a good living if you know how to manipulate crowds," Baucham said. But such "ministry" has left countless individuals "sealed in unbelief." More


At 8:34 AM, Anonymous dj said...

Mr. Matt,

that is exactly what Rick Warren does, he preaches a false gospel and you are blind to this fact. Does that not bother you even a little bit? What we all have been saying about Rick Warren being a false teacher? I would say that 90% of people that attend a church service on any given Sunday across this planet are NOT born again. If that is true and I think it is, I think that is tragic!!!

There are not only thousands of other so called ministers around the globe preaching the false gospel of the Purpose Driven Life model but all the other false teachers such as the "Word of Faith" for an example. Most mainline denominations are liberal now, even within the Methodist Church. Why? Because the "full-orbed" gospel is just not being preached.

Can I ask you something? Are you Holly's husband? Threefold Cord?

If you want to know the "true-truth" as the late Francis Schaeffer called it, go to here and study, study and study, as if your very life depended upon it!!! Please. Use as often as you can, share it with your students, share it with the people you shepherd, share with your fellow ministers, make it a focal point of discussion of what is available at
There will be articles and essays there that challenge you like you have never been challenged in the whole of your Christian life to date! Let the Holy Spirit speak to you, allow the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to what is really going on!

soli Deo gloria



At 8:46 AM, Anonymous PSP said...


I came to this posting to say just about exactly what this man just said. You stand against a false gospel on the one hand in this article and yet you endorse Rick Warren's watered down "believe and receive-- welcome to the family of God" gospel he presents in his book. Where is the word 'repentence' in the Purpose Driven Life? If I am not mistaken, 'sin' is only mentioned once and it is very much just in passing. Please, open your eyes. While many are coming to his ministry, they aren't getting saved if they never come to understand their need for a Savior. And I get really tired of all the numbers talk saying that thousands are being saved.

I once had a pastor preach on the parable of the soils. He pointed out that in 3 out of the 4 soils there was growth, but only in the good soil was their sustained growth that led to fruit and harvest. The sower being Jesus wasn't the problem. The seed being the gospel wasn't the problem either. My point is that growth, especially fast growth, isn't always an indication of truth being presented. As far as I am concerned the Church Growth Movement, as some have called it, which includes Rick Warren's way of doing things, is one of the worst things to come along in Christendom in years. What grieves me and I think it grieves God is how even the "elect" are being fooled by it.

Please pray for discernment. And be very careful when you endorse something.

In His service,


At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it the prayer of "vain repetitions" that saves them?
That is the current FALSE teaching of today's "big church" teachers.
They tell a nice story with some humor about how God wants you to "prosper", so you can "give" and all you have to do is repeat after them this little quick prayer, and when you are finished repeating that, "We believe you have become Born Again."
WAKE UP BELIEVERS! WE are letting them do this WITHOUT ever confronting them with the FACT they have never even preached or taught the GOSPEL befor telling "them" that they are "Born Again".
You wonder if they are "sealed in unbelief", yes because "America's Pastors" are telling them this!
"They" trust these "Pastors" just like you do MATT!
Wake up Matt! Stop endorsing these teachers because they have BIG ministries!
Matt, whatever the masses are doing, be suspect! "Test everything and hold onto THE GOOD"!
God's Word doesn't say, "what APPEARS GOOD".
Are the "Elect" being deceived?
NO! Jesus said, "if it were possible" meaning it isn't.
Matt, did the "prayer" save you or your FAITH in HIM for HIS grace?


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