Monday, April 18, 2005

Holiness is "out there"

I wonder, sometimes, if we don’t prefer safety and comfort and quiet to a fault. A prominent youth minister once conducted an informal poll and began to ask those in ministry which they would prefer: a) a roller coaster life of incredible victorious highs as well as punishing defeats; a life of hilarious laughter as well as cheeks often hosting tears. Or, b) a calm life of relative normality, even-keeled and frequently sedate with few victorious highs but also few bruising defeats.

To the youth minister’s amazement, the vast majority of ministers chose “b”.

And yet the longer I live, and the more stories I read of the men and women of the Bible, the more I witness the glories of church history and the revivals of many parts of the world today, the more I am becoming assured that the life of holiness is option “a”.

Even when the prisoners sneer, or the prayed for dies, or the boyfriend punches you out at the abortion clinic or the students whine about the accountable life.

Even then, holiness is option “a”.

Why do so few people choose it?


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