Friday, July 22, 2005

Culturally sensitive...or downright trivial.

Alright, folks. Help me out Or are we trivializing something not to be trivialized? Is there a step when we cross over the line? Tell me.

Comic book loving pastors work superheroes into sermons (Fort Wayne New Sentinel)

Southern Baptists have a congregation for every interest, from golfers to bikers (Ledger)

Author says Potter can teach biblical messages: Pastor has Wizard Book Club, Bible Study

Bart Simpson lends a hand:
Church finds show helps teach lessons (Pasadena Star News)


At 9:58 PM, Anonymous Brad E. said...

Trivialization? Possibly. Where's the line that we don't cross when explaining the mystery of the ages? What "langauge" is too coarse, too common? What comes to mind are the many "The-kingdom-is-like"s of Jesus: a mustard seed, yeast in dough, seed cast on the ground. Jesus probably faced the trivialization charge in his day also. The message of the cross is, though a mystery, quite simple, and unfortunately sometimes obfuscated by we religious folk. Let's use what language we can - even if we border on trivial - but let's also call people into the depths of the mysteries of God, which transcends even our most clever analogies.


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