Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Always err, if you must, on the side of life

Sen. Frist said he recognizes that stem cell research is a tough issue. “I ask for understanding. I don’t know if I’m right,” he said.

Coverage of the Rotary Club speech, here.

This reminds me of Hillary Clinton. She said, years ago, something to the effect of "Who can be sure when life begins?" If you don't know, wouldn't you rather err on the side of life.

A good thought for Mr. Frist.


At 9:42 PM, Blogger SavedByGrace713 said...

I agree, Matt; we must err on the side of life. I once heard a coworker comment that a pre-born person wasn't a human. My spirit rose up in indignation, and out of my mouth, in a tone dripping with sarcasm, came the following: "What is it, then? A toaster?"

She tried to use the viability argument (if it can't live outside the womb, it's not human), to which I replied that a pre-born child is genetically a human being and cannot be considered as not human.

I'm constantly amazed at how we can deceive ourselves into thinking the nonsense we sometimes spout is solid logic, but I've noticed that especially when it comes to the "beginning of life" debate, that ability to self-deceive has a stranglehold on the thinking of some. I pray those who think pre-born people aren't people will come into the light of truth and stop advocating the destruction of precious lives.


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