Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Planned Parenthood...proving themselves to be, again, a real "class" bunch

From CT:

Pro-life groups are up in arms about a Planned Parenthood cartoon that shows an abstinence educator being drowned in a trash can, pro-life picketers being shot at and blown up, a pro-life senator being boiled in oil, and another pro-life picketer being decapitated by a flying condom. The video was produced by Planned Parenthood Golden Gate in San Francisco.

"It is a promotion of violence against Christians and against pro-lifers," says Jim Sedlak, executive director of American Life League's Stopp International, which exists solely to oppose Planned Parenthood. "They call on pro-lifers to tame down our rhetoric because it incites violence, and then they not only produce this video but they put it on the front page of their website," said Sedlak, whose organization was among the first to respond to the video.

The video was taken off the Planned Parenthood Golden Gate website Tuesday, but at press time is still available at one of the creator's websites.

Other pro-life groups are also upset by the cartoon.

"NARAL is doing ads blasting John Roberts and accusing him of promoting violence in abortion clinics, which he has not," says Pia de Solenni, director of life and women's issues at Family Research Council. "And at the same time you have Planned Parenthood clearly promoting violence against anyone that thinks differently than they do. The irony is just striking."


At 5:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As of 6am today. The place where the movie was on PPGGs website is still visable. This is puzzling to me. I thought they would have taken it completely off by now.

Just a thought! Could this be a tactic by the left. When this news of a controversial video finally gets into the mainstream. Conservatives seem like a bunch of lunatics. Because the evidence is lost.

Thanks Mat for posting the evidence. So we can see it with our own eyes.

On a sad note: I think a lot of liberals are laughing.


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