Monday, August 08, 2005

Christianity on move in China...

When I see what is happening in China (politically oppressed) and in other places in the world (most economically depressed) where the gospel is on the move I wonder if our faith was ever designed to flourish where life is too easy. Places like...America and the West.

Just a thought.

There is no question that where God is blessing with a dramatic harvest seems to be places of hardship. Praise the Lord!


At 1:24 PM, Anonymous Brad E. said...

There's probably lots of reasons why the Chinese church is flourishing and the American church is, frankly, in atrophy. They don't buy into comfortable Christianity, for example (a pastor is often not worth his salt until at least one prison stint). They aren't afraid of the supernatural - halings, miracles, etc. In fact, they come to expect it. And they take evangelism seriously - very seriously.

And American Christians? Too many distractions, too many excuses, too obstacles to faith. One missionary suggested to me that China would likely be the source of the next Great Awakening - implying, of course, the end of Western Christianity's title as "keeper of the faith."

When the sleeping giant of the Chinese church awakens, as it appears to be doing, the Christian world just might be shaken to its foundations.


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