Thursday, July 28, 2005

Matt's latest AgapePress column

The Political Left Gets Religion
And, Frankly, It Provides a Little Comedy to Watch the 'Bridge-Builders' Burn Them
The Party of the Left Wing, known best for its tax-increasing, huge-spending, pro-abortion sentiments, looked at the polls in the last election and noticed something big-time. First, seriously religious people vote. Two -- they didn't vote for the Left Wing.

"Fixable!" they thought. And then they schemed. Let's start praying at meetings, mentioning people of faith in our speeches, and allowing Democrats to be pro-life if they really want (insults of the last three decades now to be overlooked).

And a website. Oh, yes, a website is always needed. So, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada has hoisted his religious sentiments onto the worldwide web in hopes that the faithful will come along and join God-appreciating Democrats in vote-harvesting prayer down at the altar.

Check it out. It's called "A Word to the Faithful." There you will see a hand-holding prayer circle, Reid standing by lots of clergy collars, liberal after liberal behind pulpits and that great man of faith -- John F. Kennedy -- looking over Reid's shoulder. More


At 6:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kennedy-and other men of "faith"? I don't think we need to worry too much about this. It is more comedy than issue -- because true believers smell this stuff ten miles out. Remember the democratic presidential hopeful last election who tried the same thing? --- you know, what's-his-name?


At 8:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have read many of your Agape Press articles numerous times. I scour them. I am absolutely intrigued by you. You have a Ph. D. You identify falacies in arguments and, for the most part, stay middle of the road in fact presentation.
I am impressed. Though, through text, that may sound sarcastic, I mean it sincerely.
However, your facts in this article are too perfect. Many of them contain liberal mantra, but it seems that you intentionally attacked a fringe group in order to justify your own beliefs, which is a straw-man.
Though I disagree with you strongly on nearly every issue, I had a fair amount of respect for you despite your regular appearances in the Agape Press. I see no reason why you should care, but some of that respect has been lost.
And I wanted to tell you.


At 1:27 AM, Anonymous Neighbor Lady said...

Well, we knew it had to happen...the dems gettin' religion to get votes. The sad thing is that most voters don't know anything about where the candidates stand on the issues. They just hear the sound bites and "go" with that.

I'm not surprised. The democrats weren't able to hide their negative feelings so they continued to denigrate even while saying out of the other side of their mouth that they weren't going to do that. However, most of us know that most speeches are written by others. Those speech writers and the speech makers will continue to practice and will probably eventually "get it right". (No pun intended...but it works!)

That's when some ignorant...not stupid, mind you...but ignorant voters will hear those comments and then vote assuming they know that candidate's stance.

I'm so sad to learn that this has begun... because it has only just begun... and I know that there will be some measure of success in this ruse.

It's a very slippery slope our nation is on... and the subtlety of the slant has the majority fooled.

This is just another example of the reason why so many turn from voting and politics because there is so much lying going on. And most people aren't able or willing to take the time and effort to find the truth about the issues and candidates. I'm sure the democrats are counting on it this time!

At 9:39 AM, Anonymous Laura K, NC said...

Thank you for giving me the link the the Democratic/ Faith website.
It shows me how awesome and inclusive the Democratic party is.
The Democratic party seems to care more about Christian values (ie..poor, anti-war, people, americans, social justice)
The Republican party has bought the part of the religious community like a wolf in sheeps clothing. They care nothing about you are what is right and just only big business, special interest, oil for dead soldiers, and trying to be some "good ol' boy" and bullying the rest of the world.
Thanks again for showing me that the The democratic party cares about all people from all walks like Christ did.
The GOP party reminds me of those who persecute those who disagree with them. Kinda like early Christains were persecuted for thinking differently.

At 10:39 AM, Anonymous Neighbor Lady said...

Well, Laura, it just goes to show how the Democrats have succeeded in their lies against the Republican Party... and NOW in their ruse of being "Christian".

First of all, did you not READ their negative COMMENTS made about Christians? Don't you realize that at the same time they are SAYING they are Christians, they are believing in, creating legislation, practicing, supporting and getting others to support actions that are completely NON-BIBLICAL?

Or haven't you read the parts of the Bible that speak of God's views on homosexuality, for instance. Oh, sure...God LOVES them...but He does NOT condone their sin NOR would He create laws approving their sin and causing others to be punished for speaking the truth about their lifestyle and saying what the Bible has to say about it.

Another BIG issue is abortion including but not limited to the heinous practice of partial-birth abortion. If GOD is the giver of life and He holds the power of life and death in HIS hands, how can anyone, Democrat or Republican et al, take it upon themselves to make it a LEGAL and ACCEPTABLE (in their eyes) act to KILL INNOCENT UNBORN AND PARTIALLY BORN BABIES! Yet, this issue is one of the defining stances of the Democratic Party. And well over 25 million babies have died as a result of abortion...more than any other slaughters of history including those of the Jews by Hitler and then Nazi Germany.

Hmmm...this does not compute..."We BELIEVE in God and we want you to VOTE for us because we're the 'sensitive' party and such good Christians...but in reality, WE think we know BETTER than God and have decided to take Him on and see who wins!

"Now, don't look at EVERYTHING we DO, listen to only SOME of what we SAY and we'll get along just FINE! Oh! And please don't pay attention AFTER the election to see what the RESULTS are of our legislation or our promises... or you might REALLY find out who or what we are... and are NOT."

The Democratic Party does NOT care about everyone. Trust me. And Christians are certainly NOT on their list of favorites. They are working on passing legislation every day that will rob us collectively and individually of our God-given rights of speaking the truth, whether it is about God, homosexuality, abortion, GOD'S 10 Commandments, politics, whatever.

WE (Christians) are the ONLY group that are being STRIPPED of the same freedom of speech the rest of the nation enjoys. Think about it. If CHRIST were ON this earth in person, HE would be persecuted by these laws the Democrats by and large are not only promoting but are creating!

A Christian is a follower of can a follower of Christ do these things? The two do not agree.

This post is miles long now so I'll have to address your other issues later. For now, let me say that I am ANGRY about this new RUSE the Democrats are using and I am MAD when I see the fruit of it, i.e. YOUR, (albeit) innocent belief in their lies.

I know there are Christians who are Democrats but I believe they are either denying their faith or are doing it out of ignorance of the truth of what their party stands for.

I know...all Democrats are not the same... just as all Republicans and other party members are not the same... but we should know the FACTS and not the RHETORIC being doled out by our parties.

You cannot separate your Christianity from who you are. You should not believe one way and vote another. We are ALL accountable to God NOW... not just when this earthly life is over. God is omniscient, seeing and knowing all and we are reaping ALREADY what we've sown in America.

The tone of this letter is more harsh than loving. There were times when Jesus, John the Baptist and others spoke in a harsh tone, too... or do you not remember that?

Perhaps you think John was being tolerant in Matt. 3:7 when he called the Pharisees and Saducees coming out to be baptized "a brood of vipers". In vs 8, he told them to PROVE by the way they lived that they had REALLY turned from their sins.

It might be good to go back and read Matt. 12:22-37 and see just how tolerant and inclusive Jesus was or was not. In verse 30, He clearly defined who was and who was not with Him. He was not afraid to draw a line in the sand.

Persecution was an expected end for Him and others in those days. It is becoming that way again these days... even though Christians hardly ever say anything for FEAR of this persecution that Jesus SAID we WOULD experience.

I fear this persecution as well so am grateful for this way to respond online. I do not intend harm to you by my comments, Laura... but your response was a last straw of sorts as I see what the lies of the Democrats have produced.

I look forward to meeting you someday in heaven where all of this will be moot. Until then, I hope we can agree to disagree agreeably.

Neighbor Lady

At 11:26 AM, Blogger Steve from KC said...

Matt this is Steve Root from your Great Bend days. I was a good friend of your dad and of Loren Dyke.

It is remarkable that the dems and their liberal supporters seem to be doing all the name calling and bridge burning. When all we "Bible Thumpers" have said is, "The Bible says.." They seem to have a definite distaste for "Thus says the Lord."

They have confused liberty with license. They want the license to do whatever they want to do whenever they want to do it. True liberty comes from the work of the Holy Spirit which enables us to say no to sin in all its deadly forms and yes to Jesus who brings life and that more abundantly.

Good word! Keep it up.

Steve in Kansas City

At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I agree that most Dems, as a whole are using regligion and Christianity with impure motives, that's not always the case. I think it is wrong to say that if someone is a Democrat they must not be Christian, or must be denying their faith. Both "republicans" and "democrats" have things that are wrong, and both are getting some things right. Who are you to decide which things are more important? Why is it that being pro-life and against homosexuality is more important than loving others and social justice. Republicans, and many Christians, have forgotten Jesus' biggest message--love one another. Over and over again he showed love to sinners. The Republican party over all has lost the part of the message having to do with love and social justice.

If a Christian feels strongly about certain issues, and in prayer and devotion to God has felt led to vote Democrat, you cannot judge them.

I, personally, am normally Republican, but democrat does not = heathen.

At 2:04 PM, Anonymous Catherine said...

Your article is a perfect example of why people are running in the other direction from the "radical right". Anyone who is open-minded, wants to think for themselves, is anti-war, is actually in favor of helping the poor and lifting them up as Jesus commanded, is looking for a political home. It certainly isn't the Republican party. Your exclusivity, your piety, your close-minded rhetoric is an ugly venomous thing to behold. Sadly, of course, you'll read those words and dismiss them; surely they must be coming from some "liberal" or "Democrat" and therefore are really from Satan...right?

The church, Christians, could be leading the way here on social reforms and taking care of our earth and reminding our leaders that we are to be peacemakers. There are those of us out here who want our nation to reflect our Christian values. Now maybe we're only now trying to get our voices heard, and maybe now we're finally crying out that the Republican party doesn't represent MY Christian values, and maybe the Democrats are trying to adopt us. Who are you to judge, and why must you be devisive about it?

Have you not realized that your Republican party is now, finally, talking about withdrawing from Iraq? Why? Because they're ready? Because they're feeling like they've made enough profit off the Iraqi oil wells? Certainly not. Are they not just responding to what their constituents want? Of course they are. The Demos are just doing the same thing. I admit some of it is bound to be show, but my point is, the republicans are all about show as well, and will respond to their voters in the same way. Why not make your voice heard to them? Make wise use of your power in government right now. Why isn't the church LEADING the way against war, against further pollution, against big business (huh? God forbid!), and FOR taking care of the poor and sick and homeless, the least of our society? This is where we need to separate our religion from our politics and make our voices heard.

At 5:28 PM, Blogger Dwight said...

When John Spong attacks the religious right this is because he "hates" the religious but when this site attacks an Episcopalian bishop it's not reflective of a disdain for religion? Nice double standard that you got here.

At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Catherine said...

So, Neighbor Lady, do you live in the USA? I mean, really, do you actually LIVE in this great country of ours? You actually said that Christians (and ONLY Christians) are being stripped of their rights to free speech??? Excuse me? I was certainly subjected to your "free speech" so it hasn't been taken away yet!

And you attack Laura, who wants a political party that embraces her own Christian values?

Where is your grace, woman? You respond vehemently about those few hot-button issues, as if that's all that matters. It's a myopic view of our world and social issues, and it's rhetoric! Do you really think about what you're saying? I mean, would you claim that your Rep party "cares about everyone"? If Jesus were here on earth, do you think he'd push that button to drop bombs on so many innocent people in the name of a pre-emptive war?

Some of us like the old hymns and some like contemporary music and still others like rock 'n worship; must this devide us as Christians? Are not all Christians serving the same God and filled with the same Holy Spirit, so can we not embrace each other within the family of God and still allow for differences between us? I agree with you on some of your hot-button issues, but still so strongly disagree with the Rep platform of cutting funds to help the least of our society, and am very angry with being deceived into a war for nefarious reasons. So, where do you suggest I cast my vote?

At 6:52 AM, Blogger ianjmatt said...

So I have a problem. (BTW - I'm British but work in the US for aruond a 1/3 of the year so I'll stick with US politics for now).

I personally agree with the religious right on issues of sexual morality, abortion, right-to-life etc. But this is the only area with which I agree with them.

I agree with the left on issues such as helping the poor, internationalism, fair trade, etc.

I also believe that sexual morality cannot be socialy enforced, and that a Christian society is an oxymoron. Christianity was never designed to be in power and only ever gets corrupted when it does. The Neo-Con politicos need religion far more than the Church needs the republican party. The Church needs to find its counter-cultural voice and instinct again - getting radical in living in a sexually pure and biblical way, challenging those who oppress or neglect the poor, standing up for those who have no voice whether in the womb, in a prison cell or at the wrong end of a multi-national corporation.

Still - who should I vote for (Conservative Lib-Dem or Labour in the UK). I really don't know.

At 6:20 PM, Anonymous Concern person said...

Shouldn't we consult real authority on all of this, i.e., Jesus Christ. He was a Master at inclusion, i.e., "Whosover". Is that what is being said in Matt's comments both here, elsewhere, and in his books? I don't think so. I neither democrat or republican. I am Christian. I tend to lean on Jesus' words and not mine or Matt's.


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