Monday, August 08, 2005

A last word on Peter Jennings. Ouch!

This is Neal Boortz today on Peter Jennings and his addiction. Ouch! But probably good to say. Part of evangelism is getting people to make a great exchange...their thoughts, habits, world views, behavior for - God's. Spiritually, it makes sense. Physically, too.

You smokers -- you drug addicts out there -- don't forget to light up today on your way to work. After all, there's nothing quite like driving to work in that fresh morning air while filing your lungs with smoke. And when you and your smoking colleagues leave the office five times today to meet in your little leper colony outside to do your favorite drug, why don't you strike up a little conversation about Peter Jennings? Diagnosis to dead in four months. Just what are you going to be doing four months from now?


At 2:39 PM, Anonymous John said...

I would simply prefer to say that I am saddened that Peter Jennings died. I don't claim to be free of sin, and that is always some type of addiction. I have never read the Bible and sensed that God saw one sin as greater than the other.



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