Friday, July 29, 2005

Frist disappoints...

WASHINGTON, July 29 /Christian Wire Service/ -- The following is a comprehensive list of press releases from groups disappointed in Frist for backing embryonic stem-cell research:

Here are the latest press releases:

Frist's Flip-Flop; CWA Severely Disappointed By Sen. Frist's Decision to Support Funding for Embryonic Stem-Cell Research

Clergy Denounce Frist on Stem Cell Research

Dr. Coburn Introduces Pro-Science and Pro-Life Stem Cell Research Legislation

The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity Troubled by Frist Announcement Supporting Embryonic Stem Cell Research

NPLAC's Schenck Responds to Frist Sell-Out

Bauer Expresses 'Deep Disappointment' Over Frist's Fetal Stem Cell Support

News Conference in Front of Sen. Frist's Office; Additional National Pro-Life Leaders to Participate

CMA Doctors Lament Senator Frist's Support of Embryo-Destroying Research

Frist Can No Longer Consider Himself Pro-Life & Vote to Expand Funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research says Christian Defense Coalition

Dobson Disappointed Frist Backing Embryonic Stem-Cell Research; Focus Action Founder says Senate Majority Leader's Position a 'Betrayal' of Values Voters

FRC Statement on Frist Support for Embryonic Stem Cell Research

National Pro-Life Leaders to Hold News Conference in Front of Frist's Office

Pennsylvania Catholic Bishops Issue Document on Stem Cell Research

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