Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Stop stereotyping evangelicals

Great column in the WashPost:

Let's stop stereotyping evangelicals
By Joseph Loconte and Michael Cromartie
Yet it is dishonest to disparage the massive civic and democratic contribution of evangelicals by invoking the excesses of a tiny few. As we recall from the Gospels, even Jesus had a few disciples who, after encountering some critics, wanted to call down fire from heaven to dispose of them. Jesus disabused them of that impulse. The overwhelming majority of evangelicals have dispensed with it as well. Maybe it's time more of their critics did the same.



At 9:45 AM, Anonymous Mission Lawrence said...

This was an excellent article and I posted on it too.

Evangelicals cannot catch a break. Either they're portrayed as escapist, other worldly hicks, or as the Taliban.

Thankfully we take our marching orders from Jesus the Risen Lord, not the approval of men.


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