Tuesday, April 26, 2005

InTheFight for Abortion?

American Life League's National Pro-life T-shirt Day is tomorrow. ALL is encouraging pro-lifers across the country to wear t-shirts with pro-life messages to put forth a "strong and determined voice for the babies." In the past, participating pro-life students have taken heat for wearing pro-life shirts to school, even facing the threat of detention from school administrators, but ALL director of youth outreach Erik Whittington reminds students, "There is absolutely nothing illegal about wearing a pro-life T-shirt to any public school."
OK - but their is nothing particularly helpful about it either. How about this. Tuck your T-shirts in your drawer and actually do something. Get in the fight. Go to an abortion clinic and talk some folks out of abortion. Go to a CPC and compassionately help some women through their "crisis." Do pro-life. Don't just wear it.

Amazing the things we fight for back from the frontlines. Get on the front. That is where consequential lives are found.


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