Thursday, March 23, 2006

Interesting perspective

Received this quote from Rick Warren's e-letter from If, by social action, Byassee, means political action, I agree. If what is meant is compassionate ministry, I certainly disagree. Part of faithfulness is reaching out to the poor, the oppressed, the sick, the hurting...Scripture makes this clear.

Even so, important quote:
"We mainliners were once offered the deal you [evangelicals] have now - social action in exchange for faithfulness - and we bit hard. We're so far out of political power now that we're remembering the first task of the church is to be the church, not to play chaplain to a political party or nation. It's tempting to trade fidelity for influence, but it's hard to get fidelity back, and influence doesn't satisfy." - Jason Byassee, in Christianity Today (March, 2006)


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